Chess Stars Credits

At Chess Stars, we have a special currency you can use to enter events, purchase Crowns and even ask Grand Masters for help with specific chess questions. This currency is called Chess Stars Credits.

As a Chess Stars Club Member you won't need Credits most of the time. But you can still earn Credits and use them for Grand Master Queries or Contest Crowns.

Free Credits

All members get 50 Chess Stars Credits, absolutely free, just for joining the Site. Club Members get an additional 50 Credits every month!

In addition, all members get three (3) Free Credits every day they play at least 10 rated games!

Everyone can win more Credits by playing Master Challenge, which is free to enter.

If you wish to purchase additional Credits, you can get them here.

Master Challenge

In Master Challenge you can play chess with a strong International Grand Master.

Master Challenge is free to all. Here is what you can win in each game.

For a win: 20 Credits

For a draw: 10 Credits

Cash Prize Events

Our event schedule includes two Bullet Tournaments and two Cash Prize Contests every week.

We will also have Casual Blitz and Random Blitz Tournaments every week.

Club Membership includes entry to all of these events. Regular Members can enter them for 10 Credits per event.

If you spend Credits to enter a tournament, but then you withdraw before the tournament begins (or if the tournament is cancelled) your Credits will be returned.

If you spend Credits to enter a Contest, but the game is cancelled, your Credits will be returned to you.

Open Bullet Tournaments

Here is our prize schedule for each Open Bullet Tournament:

First Place : $100

Second Place : $80

Third Place : $60

Lucky Prize : $20 for 20th place! (30+ entrants required)

First Lady : $60 (must be WIM or WGM)

Second Lady : $30 (must be WIM or WGM)

In case of a tie: Cash prizes (except the Lucky Prize) are shared. The Lucky Prize is based on tiebreak.

If a titled lady wins a top prize as well as a ladies' prize, she receives whichever prize is the largest.

Choose Your Moves and Win!

Chess Stars is the home of unique chess skills contests called Choose Your Moves and Win! (Patent Pending).

In these contests you can win terrific prizes by predicting the moves to be played in live Master games.

Here is our prize schedule for Choose Your Moves and Win - in every game!

First Place : $100

Second Place : $50

Third Place : $40

Fourth Place : $30

Fifth Place : $20

Sixth Place : $10

In case of a tie: Cash prizes will be shared.

Grand Prize : for winning ten contest games in a row : $2500

Everyone starts with 100 Crowns in each game. You can get more Crowns! You get an additional 100 Crowns for every 10 Credits you spend this way.

Crowns you purchase for Credits may be used to increase your stakes, but they do not count as Crowns "won" during the contest.

Learn more about Chess Stars Contests...

Grand Master Queries

Grand Master Queries allow you to ask a strong Grand Master any specific chess question you may have. You can expect a thoughtful answer, by email, within about three business days.

Please see our Player Guide for more information, including how you can send a Grand Master Query.

Grand Master Queries cost 10 Credits each. Club Members receive enough Credits for five (5) Grand Master Queries each month. Everyone can earn more Credits as explained above!

Club Membership

Club Membership includes unlimited access to all Chess Stars events, plus 50 Credits each month, and costs just $12.95 per month (or $99 per year).

To see the benefits of Club Membership, click here.

Club Members earn Cash Prizes

Cash prizes won by Regular Members will be converted automatically into Club Membership.

Only one prize at a time will be converted. Then you are a Club Member, and any additional prizes will be paid in cash.

Automatic prize conversion uses the special rate of $10 per month for the first $70 to be converted, and $6 per month thereafter.

As a Chess Stars Club Member there is no limit to how much Cash you can win!