Chess Stars Credits

Use Chess Stars Credits to enter our unique contests and compete for cash prizes!

Credits can be used to enter contests, join tournaments, view lessons, get help from a Grand Master and more.

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Free Credits

You get 10 free Credits when you join Chess Stars. It costs nothing to join the site.

You will get another Free Credit every day you play at least 10 rated games.

You can win more Credits by playing in our events and contests.

You can get additional credits Here.

Master Challenge

Play a Chess Master for free and win Credits!

Master Challenge is free for all. Here is what you get in each game:

For a win: 2 Credits

For a draw: 1 Credit

Choose Your Moves and Win!

Chess Stars is the home of a new type of contest we call Choose Your Moves and Win!

You can win cash prizes by predicting the moves in live Master games.

Cheating is impossible, and anyone can win!

Here is our prize schedule for Choose Your Moves and Win - in every game.

First Place : $50

Second Place : $25

Third Place : $15

Fourth Place : $10

Fifth Place : $5

Sixth Place : 40 Credits

Seventh Place : 30 Credits

Eighth Place : 20 Credits

In case of a tie: prizes will be shared.

Grand Prize : for winning ten contest games in a row : $2500

Everyone starts with 200 Crowns in each game. You can get an additional 100 Crowns for 10 Credits.

Crowns you get for Credits may be used as stakes, but they do not count as Crowns won in the contest.

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Grand Master Queries

Use a Grand Master Query to ask a Grand Master any specific chess question. You can expect a reply by email within about five business days.

See our Player's Guide for more information, including how you can send a Grand Master Query.

Grand Master Queries are 5 Credits each.

Cash Prizes

Everyone is eligible to win cash prizes!

To win cash prizes you must play under your real name.

You must have a valid email address so we can reach you.

You must have a PayPal account that allows us to pay you.

Chess Stars may require proof of identity to award a cash prize.

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