Chess Stars Contests

Choose Your Moves and Win!

Chess Stars is the home of unique chess skills contests called Choose Your Moves and Win! (Patent Pending).

In these contests you can win terrific prizes by predicting the moves to be played in live Master games.

Here is our prize schedule for Choose Your Moves and Win - in every game!

First Place : $50

Second Place : $30

Third Place : $20

Fourth Place : $15

Fifth Place : $10

New! Worst Result : $10

In case of a tie: Cash prizes will be shared.

Grand Prize : for winning ten contest games in a row : $2500

How can I compete?

Check our schedule of Current Events (in the top menu under "Events").

Log in to Live Chess before a Contest Game starts.

The Contest will be announced in the Chat Zone. Click where it says "Click Here to Compete".

If you are a Chess Stars Club Member, you will immediately be entered into the Contest. If not, you will be prompted to confirm entry for 10 Credits.

How does it work?

Once you enter a Contest, the top part of the Chat Zone converts into the Contest Zone.

After the game starts, you will be prompted to predict each move (by moving the pieces on the chessboard).

Chess Stars Crowns are a special currency that are only used for these Contests.

Everyone starts with 100 Crowns in each game (but you can get more).

You can "stake" (venture) either 5, 25 or 100 Crowns on each move. The more you stake, the more you can win!

In the Contest Zone you will see your total Crowns, Crowns won/lost, your stake selection options, and your previous and current predictions.

On each move you will get 5 Crowns automatically, plus whatever you won (or minus what you lost) on your previous prediction.

You can get more Crowns before a Contest Game starts, or at any time during the Game.

You get 100 Crowns for 10 Credits. Click [Get Crowns] in the Contest Zone to do so.

Crowns you purchase may be used to increase your stakes, but they do not count as Crowns "won" during the contest.

At the end of each Contest Game, whoever won the most Crowns wins the Contest!

Educational Value

Chess Stars Contests are a great new way to learn and improve your game.

Live Audio Commentary by a Grand Master or another strong player is provided in every Contest. This will help guide your understanding and move selection.

In addition, several hints are provided for every move by a strong "Artificial Intelligence" computer chess engine.

You can win great prizes, and you also have a new way to improve your Chess!

Terms and Conditions

You must play under your real name to be eligible for Cash Prizes.

You must also have a valid email address, so that we can contact you about your Prize!

Cash prizes won by Regular Members will be converted automatically into Club Membership.

Only one prize at a time will be converted. Then you are a Club Member, and any additional prizes will be paid in cash.

Automatic prize conversion uses the special rate of $10 per month for the first $70 to be converted, and $6 per month thereafter.

As a Chess Stars Club Member there is no limit to how much Cash you can win!

If you have further questions, please ask us here.