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Choose Your Moves and Win! is a new and entertaining type of chess contest where cheating is impossible and anyone can win, with cash prizes for predicting the moves in a live chess match!

CONTEST Saturday March 20 at 3 pm ET

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Choose Your Moves and Win!

Chess Stars is the home of a new type of contest we call Choose Your Moves and Win!

You can win cash prizes by predicting the moves in live Master games.

Grand Prize : for winning ten contest games in a row : $2500


First Place : $25

Second Place : $20

Third Place : $15

Fourth Place : $10

Fifth Place : $5

Sixth Place : 40 Credits

Seventh Place : 30 Credits

Eighth Place : 20 Credits

In case of a tie, prize amounts will be averaged.

Everyone is eligible to win Cash Prizes!

15 Credits to enter Entry is currently free!

How can I compete?

You can find our Current Events in the top menu under "Schedule".

Log in to Chess Stars before the Contest begins.

The Contest will be announced in the Chat Zone. Click where it says "Click Here to Compete".

How does it work?

When you enter a Contest, the top of the Chat Zone converts into the Contest Arena.

Once the game starts, predict every move (for both sides) by moving the pieces on the chessboard.

You are competing for Crowns on every move. Your rank in the contest is based on the number of Crowns you win, which will rise and fall throughout the game.

Everyone starts with 200 Crowns in each game. Your starting Crowns do not count as Crowns won.

You can stake (venture) either 5, 25 or 100 Crowns on each move. The more you stake, the more you win, if your prediction is correct.

When you get a move wrong you lose your stake, but if you are right you win it back, and more. If there is no winner, all of the stakes are carried over to the next move. Otherwise all of the stakes are distributed to the winners. Unless you are the only winner, you always get a larger reward for a larger stake.

The Contest Arena shows your Crowns available, Stakes, Crowns won/lost and your current and previous predicted moves.

On each move you get 5 more Crowns for free, so you can never run out of Crowns. It is always possible to win a contest with one or two good predictions late in a game.

You can get more Crowns at any time during a Contest. You get 100 Crowns for 10 Credits. Click the [Get Crowns] button in the Contest Arena.

Crowns you get for Credits may be used as stakes, but they do not count as Crowns won.

At the end of each game, whoever has won the most Crowns, wins the Contest!

Highly Educational

Chess Stars Contests are a great way to improve your game.

Live Audio Commentary by a Grand Master or another strong player is provided in every Contest to assist your move selections.

In addition, hints are provided for every move by a strong computer chess engine.

You can compete for prizes and improve your Chess at the same time!

Terms and Conditions

You must play under your real name to be eligible for Cash Prizes.

You must have a valid email address so we can contact you.

You must have a PayPal account that allows us to pay you.

Chess Stars may require proof of identity to award a cash prize.

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Smart Phone Mode

If you want to compete on a Smart Phone, use Smart Phone Mode.

Touch Contests - Smart Phone Mode in the top menu, above.

Hold your device sideways - in "landscape orientation" - to use Smart Phone Mode.

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