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Time Odds
Live Chat
Random Chess
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Multiple Boards and Sets
Figurine Notation
Computer Chess
Computer Chess with Odds
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Chess Stars Credits 50 to join50 per month
Grand Master Queries10 Credits10 Credits
Game Library50 games200 games
Game History50 games200 games
Opening Moves DatabaseFirst 8 movesFull Depth
Chess Lecture Videos (coming soon)PreviewsSpecial Discounts
Chess Tactics Wizard (coming soon)10 per day
Exclusive Broadcasts10 Credits
Cash Prize Tournaments5 Credits
Exclusive Contests with Cash Prizes 10 Credits

These features are available to Club Members and also Titled Players (FM, IM, GM, WFM, WIM, WGM).

Cash prizes won by Regular (non-paying) members will be converted automatically into Club Membership.

Only one prize at a time will be converted. Then you are a Club Member, and any additional prizes will be paid in cash.

Automatic prize conversion uses the special rate of $10 per month for the first $70 to be converted, and $6 per month thereafter.