About Chess Stars

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  • About Chess Stars

  • What is Chess Stars?

    Chess Stars is a new type of chess site, a sociable chess site.

    Chess Stars is designed to bring people together by centering around the members - you.

    When a game begins you can immediately chat with your opponent, and when the game ends you may continue to do so - in fact, you can review the game with both players sharing the chessboard.

    Furthermore, Chess Stars puts a wealth of information at your fingertips - openings, ECO codes, book moves and even computer analysis you can see in every game you look at.

    If you know someone in real life, or on Facebook, once you know their username you can easily find them on Chess Stars and play chess, review games, or just chat with them.

    Add them to your Friend list and you will always know when they are on line with you here.

    We hope you enjoy Chess Stars and use it to develop and expand your friendships, have fun and improve your play at chess!

  • Who owns Chess Stars?

    Chess Stars is owned by Chess Supersite Corp., a Delaware corporation. Its stock is quoted on OTCBB under the symbol CHZP. The corporate web site is here:


  • Who built Chess Stars?

    Chess Stars was developed by Marty Hirsch, creator of MChess Pro.

    Hirsch was assisted by Alan Kantor (responsive menu, seek graph) using graphics by Jacob Ganzler.

    Stuart Cracraft, John Schmidt, Joel Griffiths and Jeff Lawniczak provided assistance with nginx configuration.

  • How does Chess Stars work?

    Chess Stars is programmed entirely in Javascript using open-source software including nginx, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, Socket.io and JQuery. Chess Stars runs on a cloud server hosted by Amazon Web Services.