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Current Events
Choose Your Moves and Win!

Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm ET

Chess Stars Contests offer you the opportunity to win amazing prizes by predicting the moves to be played in a live match between Chess Masters.

Chess Stars Anniversary Contest Ladder

Saturday: GM Lenderman vs. IM Abdulov
Sunday: GM Izoria vs. GM Safarli

SIX prizes in every game!

First : $50, Second : $30, Third : $20, Fourth : $15, Fifth : $10

New! Worst Result : $10

Grand Prize for winning ten contest games in a row : $2500

10 Credits to enter (per game). Free to Club Members!

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Game Race

Tuesday thru Friday

From 6 am to 7 pm (Eastern)

Prizes for the most wins, or most games played in all four days, combined

Most Wins: 1st 100 Credits, 2nd 50, 3rd 40, 4th 30, 5th 20, 6th 10 Credits

Most Games: 1st 100 Credits, 2nd 50, 3rd 40, 4th 30, 5th 20, 6th 10 Credits

Use your Credits to get Contest Crowns!

Five tournaments each day.

Only Tournament Games will be counted.

All WINS (including BYES) count both as a game played and a game won.
Losses and Draws (20 moves or more) count as games played.

* Chess Stars reserves the right not to award prizes if it determines or believes that duplicate accounts or "junk games" were used to inflate results *

No entry fees, free to all!

New! Live Lecture

Thursday Oct 19 at 4:00 pm ET

Featuring GM Gadir Guseinov

A Grand Master teaches and takes your questions

Live on ChessStars.com!

Blitz for Cash & Credits

EVERY DAY at 5 pm Eastern

2 minutes per game + 1 second delay per move

First Place : $5, then Credits : 40 / 30 / 20 / 10 (all by tiebreak)

Use your Credits to get Contest Crowns!

Monday: Random

Other days: Regular, Anti-Bot - all games start with the same two moves

(Different starting moves for each tournament)

Rounds: depending on the number of entrants.

10 Credits to enter, free to Club Members!

Master Challenge

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 4 pm Eastern

Master Challenge is free to all!

Your chance to play a strong Chess Master.

20 Credits for a win, or 10 Credits for a draw!

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Past Events

Round :